"Sarkeesian driven out of home by online abuse and death threats"


I think that her points are biased, her examples factually incorrect, and her persona is questionable for several reasons including stealing artwork, footage, lies, and overall so many things that destroy her credibility. And I’m all for calling her out reasonably and debating her arguments.

But I think that it’s ridiculous that she’s been sent so much hate and death threats combined with info on her and her family that the authorities got involved. Yes, sexism is a problem in the gaming community. No, Anita isn’t the right person to talk about this issue. But the responses she’s getting are uncalled for, dumb, pointless, and only highlight the sexist attitude in gaming so at the same time actually help her efforts and put the spotlight on her again. So not only are these people being assholes, their actions have the opposite effect in the long run. And this is what gets attention, not actual critique with substance on her and her videos.

Congratulations to everyone involved. You’re all dipshits and you’re all making us look bad.






Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

That second to last panel is chilling.

Jesus fucking christ

"I’m fighting the patriarchy with erotic Harry Potter Fanfiction."

Sweetie, you’re not 14.  

But do you know who is 14?

Quite a few of the characters you are writing porn about. 

> tries to be self righteous about not liking regular porn
> by going on about how awesome she thinks underage porn is



Tumblr acting like Autumn is coming, it’s been Autumn since July here.